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Our bakery is locally owned and operated. Bob & Natasha both work in the bakery and are involved at every level. You'll see our kids there as well. It's no surprise, then, that we are passionate about being genuine --- in our craft, in our customer service, and in our community involvement.

How can we help you or your organization raise funds? We have two programs: Bakery Donations for small fundraising efforts or our Raising the Dough Fundraiser for larger non-profit organizations like churches and schools.

Bakery Donations -- We can help your raise money in a couple of ways -- while we won't donate cash, we've done hundreds of gift baskets for silent auctions, we've donated cookies that your organization can sell at its events, we've donated back-of-the-bakery tours, we've baked race rolls for running and walking events, and much, much more. Fill out our Donation Request form by clicking on the link below and let's talk. Donation Request Form (Click to Download for small fundraisers)

Fundraising with Great Harvest Bread Co. In Stillwater
Over the years we have supported upwards of 200 organizations each year with donated baked goods, auction items, door prizes, etc. We love being part of a supportive community and we love filling an important role in it. We also recognize that many larger organizations have needs that are simply larger than we can support with donated bake goods. So, for you, we’ve developed our Raising the Dough Fundraising Program. 

Here’s how it works.  You fill out an application telling us a bit about your organization, why it’s raising funds, etc. We review your application, and if accepted, together we work to determine a date for your fundraising activities. We choose 1 week, where we make a cash donation that equals 10% of any purchases made by people who are supporting your fundraising efforts.

The program is simple, you promote the fundraiser throughout your organization, your members come to the bakery to get the best breads and goodies in Stillwater, and your organization wins through our donation. It’s a truly sustainable, community effort -- one that meets the fundraising needs and goals of organizations throughout the St. Croix Valley, while keeping a small, family-owned business strong. We all do better, when we all do better. If you’re interested, please fill out our Raising Dough application.
Raising the Dough Fundraiser (Application for large fundraisers)

Valley Outreach 
Part of our mission is to provide wholesome, nutritious food for our community. That includes supporting the Valley Outrach Food Shelf. All of our unsold bread goes to support this wonderful organization and the neighbors it serves. 

Supporting Community Organizations Here's a short list of the organizations we supported:
Valley Outreach
St. Croix Catholic School
Lake Elmo Elementary School
Andersen Elementary School
St. Croix Girl Scouts
Valley Girls Softball
MS Walk Hudson
Rutherford Elementary
Ironman Bike Ride
Ascension Episcopal Church
UnCommon Grace
Community Thread
The Partnership Plan
Stillwater Boys Hockey
...and many can we help you?

Slicing Events: We love to introduce people to whole-grain goodness and we'll come to you. If you have an event or a location where you think people would enjoy delicious samples, give us a call: 651-351-0311.

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