Great Harvest Bread
Delicious Sandwiches-- Meals Made Easy
Sandwiches With Whole-Grains & Micro Greens
Taste the difference Great Harvest bread makes. Premium Great Harvest bread combined with select fresh ingredients make a delicious and wholesome sandwich. And now, we're proudly serving locally grown Micro Greens from Kurty's Produce.

Introducing: Microgreens from Kurty's Produce. What's better than farm-fresh lettuce? Microgreens from Kurty's. We have a mix of cabbage, kale, lettuce, mustard and radish greens -- all hydroponically grown -- by our baker Kurt. They deliver incredible freshness and flavor to each salad. Be sure to ask for the microgreens! You'll love the flavor and the nutrition.

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Great Harvest Bread of Stillwater
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