Great Harvest Bread
Our March Baking Schedule
Introducing Irish Soda Bread! Hearty and nutritious, this bread takes a wonderful Irish tradition and improves upon it. We think you'll be singing Irish ditties in no time! We'll also have Irish Potato Bread and an amazing Bacon, Beer & Cheddar Bread

Of course, our whole-grain bread selection is as big as ever. High Five Fiber, Golden Wheat Sourdough, Honey Whole Wheat, Dakota Wheat, Nine Grain, Cranberry Orange, Stillwater Rye, and more. As we reset the balance after our holiday splurges, we've got the whole-grain breads and goodies that meet both your nutritional and flavor requirements. Check out of full  March Bake Schedule.

Each morning our bakery day begins at 4:30 AM in Stillwater. Our cookies, muffins, scones, and goodie breads are all out of the oven by the time we open. Our breads begin coming out of the oven about 9:00 AM and are all finished by about 11:30 AM each day. Slicing begins at 11:00 and finishes as the breads finish cooling -- usually around 1:30 PM .

Gluten Friendly Bread - For those who have chosen a gluten free diet, we have a Gluten Friendly bread that we always have available from the freezer. It might be right for you. Like all of our breads, it's made fresh from the oven and contains buckwheat and brown rice flours along with flax, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. It's delicious and might provide a great alternative. Because we are a wheat-based bakery, there is always a possibility of some cross-contamination. Our Gluten Friendly Dakota bread is not recommended for people with Celiac or strong auto-immune system reactions to wheat. 



Irish Soda Bread 

A fun traditional soda bread with our own spin and whole grains. Lots of buttermilk and raisins make this bread exceptional!  

High Five Fiber Bread

Our most popular seeded whole-grain bread. Amazing texture filled with millet, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds. 

Cinnamon Chip Bread 

A tender white dough filled with cinnamon chips and dusted with a sugary mix of cinnamon. Best. French. Toast. Ever!

Dakota Wheat

Easily Bob's favorite, this bread is chock full of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and millet. The biggest crunch of any loaf we bake.

Golden Wheat Sourdough

This amazing whole-grain bread has been permanently added to our schedule -- because so many of you have requested it. 100% whole-grain Golden Wheat gives this sourdough a solid nutrition profile as well as a nutty whole-grain flavor. We think you'll really like it!

Great Harvest Bread of Stillwater
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