Great Harvest Bread
A Fresh Start
Here's how we got involved with Great Harvest: Sixteen years ago, when we moved home to the Twin Cities, Bob fell in love with a bread baked in the Minneapolis Great Harvest bakery. He tried for months to reverse engineer it. He baked, he futzed with ingredients, he did side-by-side taste tests, and he still couldn't get it quite right. The running joke was that we should just open a Great Harvest bakery, and get the recipe.

Well, 14 years later, in December 2009, that recipe became part of Bob's baking repertoir! And we're so happy that we joined the Great Harvest family. Meeting our customers, working with our excellent staff, and providing you with wholesome, nutritious, and freshly baked bread is such an honor and a pleasure. We're excited to bring the Great Harvest traditions to you, our neighbors and friends.

Thanks for stopping to visit our bakery in Stillwater. We're always glad to see you!

Bob & Natasha Fleischman

Great Harvest Bread of Stillwater
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