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UPDATE ON 26 March 2020

26 March 2020
Good quarantined morning to you! Here’s a quick update on how we’re working within the recommendations to Shelter At Home. As a food producer, we will continue to bake nutritious whole-grain breads for our community. It’s our privilege as well as duty -- and we take it seriously. But we’re also incredibly mindful of our need to socially distance, reducing the risk for accidental virus transmission.

Rest assured, extreme hand washing and sanitizing procedures remain in effect. What’s changing? Our bakery hours, staffing, and how we deliver our breads to you.

  • Bakery Hours Starting next week, we will close on Mondays and adjust our end-of-day hours.  Our new hours: Tuesday – Friday 6 am – 5 pm, Saturday 6 am – 3 pm, Sunday 9 am – 12 pm. If you need bread desperately outside of those hours, please call the bakery and talk to us. We’ll figure out a way to get your bread to you.

  • How to pick up your breads and goodies. Our front door is still open. However, if you don’t have to come in, please take advantage of our curbside pickup option. We’re more than happy to deliver to your car at the curb. We encourage you to use our online ordering system. That will help us with three things: 1) it helps us know how much bread to bake if you order in advance. 2) It allows us to stop handling cash.  3) It facilitates curbside pickup more easily.

  • Staffing: And finally, we’re limiting the number of staff we have in the bakery at any one time, again to help with social distancing. It may take a bit longer than normal to fill your order, but please be patient. We’re all adjusting to our new realities.

  • Closure Shelf: And finally, we know that so many in our community are adversely affected by the orders to shelter at home. If you are experiencing a hardship and worry about food, we’ve got your back. In addition to regular donations to Valley Outreach, we’ve also set up a special shelf at the bakery where you can simply come in and grab a loaf. No questions asked. We’re all in this together. 
Take care, eat well, stay well.

--bob and Crew.

First, thank you for supporting local businesses here in Stillwater. Small businesses are the backbone of our incredible rivertown community, and we really appreciate your loyalty and support.  

Here at Great Harvest, we're working like crazy to make sure that you have the breads you need amidst an ever-changing landscape. Like everyone in the food industry, we are challenged by recent events, rules and regulations, as well as unpredictable volume demands. Here's how we're making sure that everyone's safe and gets the breads you need:   
  • We've reinforced our hand-washing and cleaning procedures -- every customer interaction requires a thorough hand wash. Counters and contact surfaces are being disinfected constantly throughout the day.

  • We're following all recommendations from the CDC as well as the National Restaurant Association. 

  • All employees have been briefed again on illness reporting and stay-at-home procedures.

  • We've eliminated all self-serve options within the bakery to reduce the accidental spread of any illness brought into our bakery. We'll be happy to pour your coffee for you!

  • We've switched from dine-in options to takeout only -- sorry, but lunch must be to-go for now.

  • And we've added an online order option with curbside service for daily breads and goodies. While we would love to sit and chat with each of you, for now, we're offering opportunities to get the staples -- like breads -- while reducing contact between our employees and customers. It's safer for all of us and helps enforce social distancing recommendations. 

  • Online ordering also helps us estimate how much we need to bake, and it eliminates cash handling.We're working to figure out how to offer specialty breads online as well. Until we figure out that piece, please call us, and reserve your loaf of specialty or sweetbreads. We'll have them waiting for you.  


  • Click Here to Order Online

  • Curbside Pickup -- call us as you arrive, and we'll run your order out to you while you sit in the comfort of your car. You'll miss the amazing aroma therapy normally found in the bakery, but this option might be best for you. Your choice.

  • Make sure that you tell us when you'd like to pick up your breads. (We set our bake quantities very early in the morning, approximately 4:00 am, so if possible, order the night before you would like to pick up your breads. If your order is placed after we set our bake quanities (or before the breads are ready), we'll pull your order from available breads on a first-come-first-serve availability. We will notify you if we are unable to fill any same-day or early morning requests.)

Again, thank you for supporting local small businesses, including us. We'll all get through this together. Be well.   

--Bob and Crew.

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