Great Harvest Bread
Centuries-old Heirloom Wheat !
We're baking with it each Tuesday & Friday

Like all of our wheats, this wheat is non-GMO and has been grown specifically for Great Harvest. This centuries-old variety brings all the best traditions of old-world agriculture. Ours was grown in Montana and has been tested for both pesticides and herbicides. We mill the flour right in our bakery, and it's as wholesome as you can get! 

The taste? Nutty and rich. We think you'll really love not only the flavor, but the visual beauty this wheat brings to our bread as well. 

We'll be baking with it until our supply runs out. 
Tuesdays: Heritage Wheat
Fridays: Heritage Toasted Sunflower

Reserve yours now: 651-351-0311

Great Harvest Bread of Stillwater
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